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Global Commodity Trading

Boasting Over 30 Years Industry Experience

BSR Global Commodities was founded circa 30 years ago managing the sale of crude oils which were accessible as a direct result of our projects within the oil and gas engineering field.

However, we have continually increased our product range over the years so that we now encapsulate the entire commodity spectrum, namely; Crude Oils, Refined Petroleum, Rare Minerals, Precious Metals (AU), Agricultural Products (Sugar / Coffee / Grains), Base Ores and Gemstones.

Despite expanding scope, we always rigidly adhere to our original philosophy of strictly purchasing directly from legitimate producers. This then guarantees reliability as well as smooth transaction execution throughout delivery.

Operating as genuine resellers, managing logistical aspects internally, allows us to offer sales procedures designed to be “buyer friendly”.

BSR specialise in the field of ‘uncut rough diamonds’ utilising our own unique secure logistics platform to deliver high quality gemstones into the heart of the worlds' diamond districts.

We supply an enormous variety of traditional clear diamonds, focussing on desirable ‘Gem Grade’ consignments, besides this we also offer small parcels of flawless and fancy coloured stones.

We cooperate exclusively with proven end-buyers of precious gemstones as well as 'cutters' without need for financial assurances. Qualified clients are invited to view consignments by appointment only.

BSR have developed our own unique 'Secure Logistics Platform' which enables us to convey rough diamond consignments world-wide.

Our ground-team supervise the entire transportation and inspection process from collection at the mine until final delivery to the client.

Packages are fully checked by our resident third-party Gemmologist verifying target quality. We arrange Kimberley Process Certificates as well as export permits internally thus ensuring shipment integrity.

The process is validated by internationally renowned insurers 'Lloyds of London' who provide cover against loss or theft during all project phases.

A Typical High-Quality Consignment Delivered by BSR

Stone Grade Table

Our New York facility is located on prestigious 5th Avenue in historic Building 580 ‘The World Diamond Tower’.

This landmark complex serves as an emblem for New York’s Diamond District, creating a home for some of the biggest household names in the jewellery and gemstone business since 1951.

The purpose-built office unit we maintain was specifically designed to create a Gemmology laboratory environment. It features four unique inspection stations as well as state of the security measures.

Ultimately providing both a safe and comfortable location where our valued customers may inspect shipments prior to sales completion.