Commodity Trading
BSR Commodities Division first entered into operation circa 30 years ago.
Predominantly dealing Crude Oil based upon our unprecedented feedstock access.
During the decades since we have incessantly developed levels of participation embracing the entire commodity spectrum.
Presently enjoying a product portfolio incorporating Crude Oil, Gemstones, Precious Metals, Petroleum derivatives, Base Ores and 'Agri' commodities.
Our philosophy of working in direct collaboration with actual producers generates reliability within the supply chain, which ensures successful trade execution and empowers us to satisfy buyer demand.
Procurement is regulated internally by our team of seasoned experts with product sourcing conducted straight from origin, eliminating any 'middle men'.
  • Precious Commodities (Diamonds, AU, Silver, Platinum)
  • Base Metals and Minerals (Iron, Copper, Zinc, Lead)
  • Light Crude and Heavy Crude Refinery Feedstocks
  • Petroleum Products (Diesel, Fuel Oils, Aviation Fuels)
The Rough Diamond sector is a focal point of commodities activities.
We possess an exceptional reputation for successfully providing high quality gem grade stones.
Diamond Gemstone Suppliers
Oil Products
BSR are well renowned for the reliable conveyance of 'Crude Oil' feedstock as well as 'Refined Petroleum' products.
We are genuine 'Resellers' of product which is obtained from a wide range of proven producers and refineries.
Within an industry in constant flux proactive Asset Management routines coupled with predictive data are invaluable resources.
Our team maintains a ardent risk governance culture constantly monitoring market conditions creating accurate trend prediction.
The information collated permits us to foresee change and assist client in all facets of portfolio administration.