Corporate Heritage
Snow Hill Headquarters
Snow Hill Circa 1968

We are a British organisation proudly originating from central England; an area that is famous for the ‘Industrial Revolutions’ birth.

This region is notoriously steeped in rich manufacturing history as well as a hard-working mentality, principles ingrained deep into the BSR ethos.

Birmingham was once home to the UK’s core Automotive industry with celebrated brands including; Jaguar, Land Rover, MG and Aston Martin.

It was this solid customer base sitting within easy reach that sparked our establishment, initially furnishing electrical control system solutions.

However, local manufacturing would endure an abrupt decline, where once factories stood, soon would rise high-tech industrial parks, modern housing and large shopping centres.

In order to survive these ever changing times, we needed to expand our supply scope, offering equipment and then ultimately complete state of the art manufacturing facilities.

We went on to diversify further afield to offer turnkey civil construction delivering both structural work as well as ancillary installations.

For over five decades BSR have succeeded while reacting to challenging business environments, generating what is now a flourishing privately owned, genuinely international consortium.

Organisational Structure
BSR Global Group Logo

BSR Global Group Limited

Providing our organisations spine, via delivering not only group wide management services but also critical business functions of procurement and logistics.

BSR Global Commodities Logo

BSR Global Commodities Limited

Over more than three decades the commodities division has proudly created a strong reputation for flawlessly undertaking complex transactions with a focus on rough diamonds.

BSR Engineering Logo

BSR Global Engineering Limited

We are well acclaimed for furnishing world class Construction and Engineering solutions coupled with cutting edge electrical Control Systems, for both private as well as public sectors.

BSR Global Commodities Logo

BSR Global Exploration Limited

Our mining and exploration team are engaged in developing ground assets. Securing concessions which contain either Gold reserves or Precious Gemstone deposits.