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Mining Development

Expanding Our Commodities Success Story

The acquisition of mining concessions was a natural evolution to our existing precious commodities trading activities, allowing us to directly control product extraction.

In 2018 we formed BSR Global Explorations with the aim of acquiring mining locations.

The business model adopted is based upon either purchasing land with proven reserves of AU base metal and precious gemstones or investing in existing concessions.

We are currently assessing opportunities spanning East and West Africa with a number of exciting projects in progress.

In order to ascertain the viability of any potential mining locations, we conduct a three-phase assessment limiting environmental impact.

The first stage is to perform a geophysical study utilising remote satellite imagery for obtaining nano-electromagnetic data. This is then analysed to create 2D, 3D and 4D mapping showing exact deposit location, depth and contents.

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This enables us to pinpoint positions that warrant closer inspection. Our initial findings are ratified via traditional 'bore-hole' sampling.

Once satisfied of the projects feasibility the final step in the process is to begin test-pit excavations so that we can evaluate example discoveries.

We work in partnership with local communities to maximise the benefits for their lives as much as possible. Offering employment opportunities as well as developing schools and medical facilities to often remote villages.