Commodity Trading
Our Commodities division have achieved huge success trading precious gemstones.
BSR Exploration seeks to take things one step further via mine ownership.
Working in partnership alongside existing local African contacts enables identification of suitable plots for consideration.
Once desirable areas have been located, we negotiate with the current owners and government departments, obtaining title as well as any required permits.
Our preferred solution is acquiring land rights, however, we are equally willing to cooperate with active mine operators.
BSR shall contribute financial and technical support designed to increase productivity in exchange for assured product supply.
Excavation Works
Bore Hole Exploration
Our mining experts formulate excavation protocols best suiting ground conditions whilst also minimising potential impact on the surrounding environment.
We use ‘Geophysical Modelling’ which produce comprehensive 2D, 3D as well as 4D simulations that determine precise mineral content within target land parcels.
This non-intrusive surveying method engages electromagnetic satellite images for penetrating deep subsurface, accurately pin-pointing deposit locality and depth.
Initial findings can then be ratified utilising standard ‘bore hole’ investigations, concentrated on identified areas of interest.
  • Acquiring Land Title and Permits in Verified Areas
  • Investing in Existing Mines for Guaranteed Supply
  • Environmentally Friendly Exploration Techniques