Customer Relationship Management
We aim to stimulate an authentic Customer Orientated service which is tailored to satisfy agreed targets.
Our objective is realised by means of establishing legitimate working partnerships, harmonising supplier and end user dynamics.
BSR possess an ability for appreciating consumer aspirations permitting us to optimise our approach for individual needs while forging lasting bonds moulded on respect and mutual cooperation.
All principal engineering expertise and industry specialists are employed internally.
Allowing high levels of continuity during project execution along with the knowledge retention required for facilitating long-term customer support.
Celebrated globally in the provision of Program Management.
Conducting complex projects from conception through to completion with proficiency clients can trust.
Project Management
Commodity trading is central to our current business activities, boosting over 30 years experience delivering Crude Oils, Petroleum derivatives and Precious Gemstones.
Commodity Trading
Construction and Engineering
Technical Engineering as well as Civil Construction still remain at our heart. Creating advanced system architecture overcoming any challenge presented.
Streamlining delivery of all goods and commodities supplied by BSR as well as purveying outsourced Procurement solutions is undertaken by our Logistics department.
Supply Chain Management