Salient to prosperity for any venture is synchronisation of primary business functions acquisition and conveyance.
Conquering impediments via robust processes along with flexible operations are vital.
Supply Chain Management
We implement a very distinctive proactive attitude towards Supply Chain Management, distributing deliveries and goods to the locations where they are needed efficiently.
Reliability and scheduling are critical factors in commodity trading, as a result organised and effective logistic solutions are imperative.
In order to guarantee success our specialists co-ordinate all phases of the delivery process, liaising with customers to meet timing expectations.
  • Global Procurement and Logistic Solutions
  • International Partner & Supplier Sourcing
  • Oil and Gas Industry Supply Chain Experts
  • Development of Global Logistics Systems
BSR provide integrative procurement services attuned with specific client dictates and project requirements.
We are equally adept either offering an entire outsourced alternative or supplementing internal purchasing activities.
Procurement Solutions
Leveraging our substantial commercial know-how beside broad vendor networks deriving peak value for procurement.
Logistic Supply Partners
Our selected secure logistics partners are World Class Shipping (WCS).
WCS oversee all New York deliveries based upon their extreme proficiency in valuable freight handling as well as unrivalled experience in US customs regulations.
Asset Protection and security is provided during transportation by tactical operational experts I-ON-6, dedicated individuals who originate from a law enforcement background, providing ultimate dependability.