Our group of companies is specifically structured to deliver premier client support levels whilst also maintaining a coherent operational infrastructure.
Four individual business units form clear roles and responsibilities within the overall structure which generates a robust platform for prosperity.
Centralised corporate control guarantees project objectives are realised and unites team members behind common targets.
BSR Global Group Limited is the backbone of our entire organisation. Rendering executive group wide administration while undertaking Logistics and Procurement functions.
BSR Global Commodities Limited has forged a strong reputation for reliably completing commodity transactions. We primarily focus on conveying refined petroleum derivatives and rough diamonds.
BSR Global Engineering Limited are renown internationally for providing world class Civil Construction, Engineering as well as Project Management Solutions along with advanced plant wide Industrial Control Systems.
BSR Global Exploration Limited are ardently developing mining assets spanning Africa. Securing concessions with AU reserves and Precious Gemstone deposits as well as other base ores.
BSR Global Group Structure