BSR proudly presents an exclusive mechanism for acquiring superior Rough Diamonds.
Eradicating buyer anxieties whilst safeguarding product integrity via controlling the complete supply chain process.
Diamond Gemstones
Gemstones are collected from concession owners by our own skilled security operatives, remaining under their continuous supervision throughout all stages of transportation.
We conduct extensive due diligence ascertaining provenance. Only approved stones are conveyed for grading.
We manage the complete process in-country from collection, KPC inspection through to loading consignments on-board our private aircraft, escorting parcels onto New York for validation.
In-House Gemmologist
Individual stones are appraised by a third party accredited independent Gemmologist.
A comprehensive manifest along with quality report is prepared for client approval prior to despatch.
Our Gemmologists assemble final parcels for delivery according to requested specification, client budget or desired usage. We accept complete responsibility in terms of quality, guaranteeing customer requisites are fulfilled.
Standard consignments comprise of stones classified as 'Gem Grade Diamonds' (VVS1 to VS2 - D to H) with minimum stones size of 5 carats.
Additionally we can provide select packets of flawless as well as Fancy Colour diamonds.
Gemstones are obtained from locations spanning East and West Africa.
Selecting mine operators which only operate ethical labour policies while stringently adhering to the procedures of Kimberly Process Certification.
Kimberly Process Certification
Building 580 - Diamond Centre
Our New York office at Building 580 is designated as an inspection facility where clients may validate stones.
Clients are invited to bring their own nominated Gemmologist for grading.